I have to confess to feeling a little smug lately. After recent years of Childbirth, my husband’s allergic reaction to a dinner, Breast Cancer, Brain Tumour and other associated events I have been very fussy about the quality of food I eat. Healthy around 80% of the time and cake definitely not off limits I have avoided cheap and processed food, even dabbling in organic every now and then.

As guilt has proved to be an essential part of motherhood what food I feed to my daughter has payed an important part of this process.

I have also wondered should I have spent more time growing veg… should I have gone completely organic, eat more broccolli to prevent cancer, eat less red meat, go non-dairy, wheat free, vegetarian. Diet is a minefield but one thing I do not regret is avoiding (most) processed food particularly very cheap meat as the horse meat scandal is now showing us all….