a) What are stars made of?

b) Are birds animals?

c) Why is short hair called a bob?

I’ve got off lightly until now. I wouldn’t consider myself intellectually challenged, I’ve had quite a good education even a degree… However my daughters education has now reached a level where random questions now require the help of the internet. It makes me wonder what did my parents generation do without ‘Google’?

Has the internet now become of equal importance as the telephone or should this be mobile or even tablet? What will happen when my daughters generation reach our age?

Going to a recent quiz night has shown me how much information is out there and how much information you learnt at school and then never used so promptly forgot.

I’m re-learning all sorts of subjects now that my daughters homework is getting more difficult.


11 x 12 = 132

a) Stars are big exploding balls of gas, mostly hydrogen and helium

b) Birds are feathered, winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrate animals

c) Because “to bob” means to move up and down, and when hair is cut short in a bobbed style, it does just that whenever you move.