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Watching ‘Maureen Lipman – If Memory Serves Me right’ last night talking about her fathers loss of memory and then death and seeing Terry Pratchett with alzheimer’s who will inevitably meet the same fait has made me think.

No one wants to discuss their own death, the conversation about being buried or cremated is not a comfortable one, I don’t even have a will (although I should). What if the worst happens, you are at that point of no return without the ability to function? If an animal was terminally ill we would have them put down to be kind, does this mean to allow a human in the same situation to carry on suffering we are being cruel?

I’m not sure if it would be something I would want but does anyone know unless in the situation themselves? Having had Breast Cancer has certainly made me more aware of my own mortality, I don’t want a painful death like my mother. She was diagnosed terminally ill with secondary Breast Cancer 15 years ago, we watched 3 months of pain while her body’s organs shut down until eventually she died. I remember at the time wanting her to live as long as possible but now I see that was for me not her, when she died I was relieved she was no longer in pain.

If our body no longer functions, if your mind no longer works as it should does that person exist any longer? In the 21st century when we cannot over fill trucks with animals but a rush hour train packed with commuters is okay, is it not time to seriously consider how we treat each other if the worst happens? In a civilized society are we not entitled to a choice?

Its not an easy or approachable subject and it raises all kind of moral, profound, emotional and religious issues but with a growing older aged population and were all now expected to live longer it is a major issue that surely needs urgent discussion and debate.


Love Letter is a street project by Stephen Powers with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and is sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through thePhiladelphia Exhibitions Initiative.

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Great highs, the depths of the lows and why at age 7 do I still have to remind my daughter to say please!

Great highs, the depths of the lows and why at age 7 do I still have to remind my daughter to say please!

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