Is average ok? I never used to think so, always aim high and be different, exciting. Normal is boring. If someone says you look nice, is this really a compliment or stating the fact that you neither look great or bad? Is an average life just better than a bad one?

I suspect it all comes down to balance, you need the bad to recognise the good and having too much of either isn’t good for anyone.

Average is the middle ground, its the calm, its the everyday. Average isn’t arrogant or showy, nor dramatic or violent, its not excessive in any direction. We are constantly told ‘moderation’ when it comes to alcohol, food, exercise and stress yet the pressure is there to be the best, the fastest, the biggest, the smallest the most famous??

I suspect much like the UK weather life is a mix, we enjoy and remember the great because we experience the bad. At what point can ok be great? It depends on your perspective, for my life right now its nice and average, after all my health dramas returning to the everyday feels great!