I’ve recently started a Yoga class, after a 7 year break. I’d forgotten how important it is to look after your whole body and well being. A comment made by our teacher last week made me think, exercising our arms and shoulders he said ‘its important to move our whole body in many different directions as we get older we become more enclosed compared to when we are children we move and jump around the place much more freely.’

How true this is, when we are children we have far less to worry about, children run around, playing, dancing and chatting without thinking about consequences or what people think of them.

As we get older this free expression starts to get replaced with life’s anxieties, worries about what will be, what won’t be, what might happen. If not careful its easy to worry about all sorts of things that as children we wouldn’t of even thought of.

With the whole back to basics attitude that is currently sweeping the nation I take inspiration from my daughter who is happiest playing in the park and running around with her friends with her biggest worry being should we go on the swing or the slide next?

While I sit there thinking, is it gonna rain? what do we have for tea tonight? The sun’s out I better put suncream on my daughter and me! Did I remember to lock the back door?

I’m enjoying getting back into to Yoga, its nearly possible for a few hours to let go and not try to think of everything and everyone all the time.

Life seems so busy and so much to get done all the time, I fully intend to try and take time out more often, and just play for the sake of it. However this slightly backfired this week when for 2 days I didn’t get the washing up done and ended up on the third day eating my breakfast cereal in a kids plastic bowl with a tablespoon… classy!

Ok maybe just a little time off then, ignoring life doesn’t completely work…