I’ve noticed as my daughter has reached the end of her infant school education how much her confidence has grown. She is top of her year, the oldest, more experienced in school life than her reception school mates.

With this comes the added confidence at home, the answering back, the ability to realise when she says no she can stand her ground and refuse to back down. I’ve found myself turning into my mother, phrases such as ‘Because I said so thats why’, ‘Wait until your dad gets home’. I’m starting understand my own mother more now than when I had no children.

My mother was taken from us by breast cancer when I was 21 before I had my daughter, so my motherhood has developed without her help or influence and it amazes me that I’m naturally doing the same things as she did with me when I was younger. One thing that does start to worry me is the mischief I got up to in my teenage years and at university, and I’ve still to reach that phase yet.. although I have a few years before we get there.

I’m grateful that my daughter still likes the park, an ice-cream and is currently counting how many sleeps until her birthday.. 46..

This mumsnet discussion on answering back definitely makes for an interesting read on the subject…