Forget sorting the loft, when I couldn’t fit a loaf of bread in my cupboard I thought it may now be time for a clear out. Do I really need virtually empty mixed herbs at the back of the cupboard, or tinned cannelloni beans best before 2009? I never got around to making that minestrone soup I just bought one! I also have a large selection of half used bags of sugar for various baking adventures, golden, caster, demerera, light brown, dark brown, muscavado, preserving and jam sugar… and I haven’t started on flour yet.

I’m not a hoarder in my house, we have the occasional clearout of paperwork and toys like everyone else. But somehow the kitchen escapes this, we are never going to eat the party bag sweets we don’t like, and will we finish a packet of biscuits ever? If chocolate is involved of course the answer is yes but the rest remains to be seen. Except in the case of the abandoned snickers from the christmas selection boxes…. snickers is the new coffee cream.

I cannot justify throwing out the baking stuff I have gained over the years, one day I may need a gingerbread man shaped cutter? This sounds like classic hoarder territory to me?

Is it the change in season that make us want to tidy up and clear out, or is it the fact that weather is now cold and miserable so I’m indoors looking at it? I think put on the morning tv, turn up the heating and get stuck in to a good clear out, or maybe bake a cake, oh no where did I put the golden caster sugar!

Next week: the cupboard under the stairs