January is a strange month, for some reasons it can be miserable. The worst rainfall on record, loved ones lost at this time of year, removing the Christmas decorations, its dark, cold and more trivially rubbish on telly. However this year I find myself reflective and making plans for this year, which for me marks a significant step in my recovery process.

Making plans when you’ve been ill isn’t something that sits very comfortably. Deciding to spend money on a holiday or do work on the house is something that is more carefully considered than normal. What if I’m ill with Cancer again, what if my husband can’t work because he needs to look after me and our daughter all over again? Rather than commit just yet Google has become my best friend in January, researching every project I can think of, checking prices, reading blogs, mumsnet forums and Trip Advisor on the best place for a family holiday??

I have also found myself spring cleaning the house, which judging by this neglected blog was last done in September when I sorted the kitchen cupboards. So far I’ve finally parted with all the baby stuff via ebay, the charity shops and donations to friends, cleaned the cooker, cleared out my daughters old clothes, moved the furniture around, empty my email inbox and have a very good dust and clean. I’m finding the process quite therapeutic and starting to enjoy my January, clear out the old and get ready for the new (although my husband can stay!!), arrange coffee with all the friends you ran out of time to see in December. If I’m stuck indoors I may as well get those jobs done and when the weather improves and we go out more I will be guilt free to do what I like. Not a lot happens in January so we have free weekends to sit and watch a film on a Sunday followed by a hearty Sunday roast. No diets just a post christmas sort out, more healthy food, more home cooked dinners, trying different fruits and flavours.

I’m embracing the fact that I have time to think, time to plan, time with friends and family away from all the usual pressures that seem to fill the rest of year. January is a month like no other, its the first of the year, its new, its ideas, its quiet, stress free and relaxed. Time to concentrate on the important parts of your life and look after yourself and your family without distraction…