Mr H would be amused by the fact 6 girls spent 4 hours fighting for the air space to tell their stories in so little time. I met up with all the girls last week at a new smart Turkish restaurant I’ve wanted to go to for ages. The place was great, quite a few Towie guests with trademark 4 inch heels and polished appearances but also normal crowds like us. As an excited mum allowed out for the night and one that can’t drink any alcohol right now, whilst chatting I managed to knock my mocktail flying across the table smashing all over the floor and narrowly missing the waitress, luckily she was very gracious about it. We covered many subjects good and bad through the evening finishing on the subject of our friend’s new car and her ‘posho’ (as my daughter says) mum with a 4×4 status. Bringing out the can’t drive, can’t park, should walk on the school run jokes. She didn’t stand a chance as we left when her car sat amusingly over the white lines of her parking space.

Sharing our lives together, the ‘C’ subject tends to be a big part, from my perspective it makes it possible for me to process things clearly, to be positive, the same reason I write this blog I suppose, its a therapeutic process. Whether conversation is between friends, with loved ones, a meeting at work, watching a tv chat show or even to yourself in the mirror (although I felt very stupid when I tried this one…) talking is a major part of our lives.

” Attention is the purest form of generosity.” Weil

This week myself and three other friends went up to the ITV studios in London to see Loose Women being filmed. We arrived early to get in the queue for our seats, the mention of Cancer in my spine and suddenly I was given Priority status by the production staff. The celebrity guest, as he walked in the door saw me seated outside in my chair with two other fragile ladies, said hello and then genuinely asked if I was ok with a look of not expecting to see me sitting there. I am very grateful that I currently look well but I’m sure it can make me look a bit of a fraud.

The VIP experience continued as the lovely production lady seated us first in the front row then we were chosen to sit on the panel to do the screen check, a cheeky chance to pretend how the other half live. Filming starts and out come the real four Loose Women ready to discuss much more everyday topics and contribute different stories from their lives. Heading off on various different tangents tackling personal subjects such as relationships, stress and shaving your legs! Giving away our female secrets, and yes I have also rushed out the door only to shave the parts of my legs that are showing. The experience is a good giggle and great fun as women talking is definitely a pastime we enjoy.


Christian Partridge of Eastenders fame comes on to talk about his current projects and also explains his reason for taking part in Big Brother being to pay for the £46k a year bill to have his mum with Parkinson’s cared for in a nursing home. A very touching story about another tragic disease affecting a loved one, the emotion and pain clearly showed in his face as he told us. Life is not always easy not even for those with celebrity status, somehow we don’t expect these sort of dramas to affect their lives off screen. Obviously I am not the only one who realises you can’t have the sunshine without the rain.

“In the end it’s not the years in your life it’s the life in your years that count.”

Abraham Lincoln

There are so many subjects out there we can talk about, Cancer is just one of them and I am just another topic among many. Hearing about other people’s lives makes me realise how many people are affected by a chronic illness and how important their lives are too. I was comparing notes with a mum the other day who is also on a similar path to me about everyday subjects you still have to deal with and how multilayered life becomes when your health changes. The conversation obviously had a big impact on her as she surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers later that day for my ’40th’ birthday.

Change throughout our lives mean we are forever finding our new ‘normal’. Part of this rebalancing process are the conversations that surround us, Trivial or deep I love a good conversation it’s amazing what you find out about others and yourself.

Yours chatty as always…

Angela xxx