Everything you read lately tells you whatever you do it can cause cancer, its nice to see see someone say that is not the case. I’ve had Breast Cancer at 30 and have a BRCA2 gene that runs in our family. My sister also has the gene but has not had Breast Cancer. We have both had a double prophylactic (preventative) mastectomy and reconstruction and I have also had both my ovaries removed. (hence the blog name: ovary and out)

Its major surgery and not easy but provides the peace of mind that you are reducing your risks.

As Cancer is basically deformed or mutated cells there is the potential in all of us to get cancer in the same way that we all have the potential to have a broken leg because we have a leg!! Just some of us are more at risk than others.

Thankfully as this article states there are now things we can do to reduce our risks…